Dancer Video Submissions

Submission Form

Video Requirements - Due Sun. May 24 at 5:00 p.m.

  • The video content must include a solo of yourself dancing outside for a minimum of 2 minutes & a maximum 3 minutes.
  • The following components must be included in the solo: Shapes, Level Changes, Movement through Space, & Moments of Stillness.
  • It must be an original recording created specifically for this submission.
  • Upload the video to the platform of your choice (YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook). 
  • Please credit the choreographer (if not yourself) & the music/sound in the video description.

Filling out the form

Fill out the form including your full name, Email, phone number, the link to your video, & your biography (if you don't have a biography include a few sentences clarifying your dance background & experience). See FAQ's below for more info.


Submissions Due

Videos will be due by Sunday, May 24th at 5:00 p.m. We will be in touch within two weeks of the due date when cast is finalized. If you have any questions please contact us email us at or contact us below.


Here are answers to some of the most common questions we get.

What are dancers needed for?

Our Project Choreographers are creating original works that will be showcased to the public. Our original plan was to showcase their work in a stage performance. However, in light of COVID-19 we have moved to creating a dance film of each work that will be compiled & able to be accessed by the public through donations. 

Who are the Project Choreographers?

Our Project Choreographers are a group of selected creatives who are leaders in the dance world & are graciously giving us their time & talents to produce work with us this season. You can learn more about these wonderful individuals here.

What ages are you looking for?

Ages 14 & up are welcome to submit videos. 

What experience level is required?

We encourage all levels from beginner to advanced to submit. Project Choreographers will be reviewing everyone who submits a video and will make their selection based on their vision for the Project. 

What type of commitment is required?

Each of our Project Choreographers hold their own rehearsals that vary according to their schedule. Once you are cast we will reach out clarifying when rehearsals will be & when the filming will take place to ensure that you are able to commit before agreeing to be in a Project. 

Where will rehearsals & performances take place?

This season's Project Choreographers all reside in Tampa & therefore the rehearsals will be taking place at varied locations in Tampa. Performance/filming will more than likely take place in & around Tampa but we will have more info on this as Projects progress. 

What is in it for dancers?

This is a program that emphasizes the creative process and focuses on compositional education for the dancer. Working with other choreographers is crucial for any dancer, especially if they are on a professional tract. This will give them the opportunity to work with several different choreographers and learn first hand what it takes to create and showcase work. They will come to appreciate how different artists have different ways to approach composition. 

It also gives the dancer opportunities to perform, network, gain further experience, and be engaged in the dance community. 

Is compensation provided?

At this time, no. Compensation comes in the form of experience, exposure, and the love of dance, collaboration, & community. It is our goal to eventually pay artists for their time. This is a community project that provides outlets to express what we think the world needs through art. I know artists have come to hate the word "exposure" & I concur. It is used far to much to cheat artists out of a paycheck. However, when the funds are available for a stipend, it will be provided. Until then, participation with CFCC is a much appreciated donation of your time & efforts. 

Are there any fees or out of pocket costs for dancers?

You may be asked to purchase your own costume, in which case it will be yours to keep. The Director & Project Choreographers will be determining what costumes they will be using. We will do everything in our power to keep this cost as low as possible for you. Other than your gas & your time, there are no other costs for you. 

We do however accept donations to our organization & if you are so inclined to help us financially we greatly appreciate anything you are able to give. You can learn more by clicking here..