Choreography Project Inquiry

We are currently accepting applications for Projects VII-XI. Please fill out the following form...

Attention Applicants


What does being a Project Choreographer entail?

CFCC will have two main shows throughout the season; a Winter Showcase and a Spring Showcase with a few smaller showings and events throughout the season. We are currently looking for 5 choreographers to fill the playbill for those shows which will contain Projects I-V. If you have a vision for a piece then submit an inquiry here.

What is in it for the Dancers/Students?

This is a program that emphasizes the creative process and focuses on compositional education for the dancer. Working with other choreographers is crucial for any dancer, especially if they are on a professional tract. This will give them the opportunity to work with several different choreographers and learn first hand what it takes to create and showcase work. They will come to appreciate how different artists have different ways to approach composition. 

It also gives the dancer opportunities to perform, network, gain further experience, and be engaged in the dance community. There are also opportunities for Rehearsal Assistants.

Where do we rehearse? 

Once you have been accepted as a Project Choreographer, we will discuss a venue for rehearsal space. If you have access to a local studio that will be helpful but we are open to renting studio space if we have the budget for it. 

Dancers, your project choreographers will set a rehearsal schedule and will be in touch with you about location, dates, and times. 

Where will the performances be? 

That depends on where the majority of the Project Choreographers and Dancers are in Central Florida. Once we establish all Projects and Cast then we can lock down a venue. 

Our current season will be hosted in Tampa, FL.

Who will be performing?

Choreographers are welcome and encouraged to bring their own dancers. Choreographers and dancers who attend our regular meetups and rehearsals are also usable per their availability. Auditions may be an option as well depending on the work and location. 

Is compensation provided?

At this time, no. Compensation comes in the form of experience, exposure, and the love of dance, collaboration, and community. It is our goal to eventually pay artists for their time.. This is a community project that provides outlets to express what we think the world needs through art. I know artists have come to hate the word "exposure" and I concur. It is used far to much to cheat artists out of a paycheck. However, when the funds are available for a stipend, it will be provided. Until then, participation with CFCC is a much appreciated donation of your time & efforts. 

What is required of a Project Choreographer?

A vision to put it plainly. However, dance experience is a must. Project Choreographers are leaders in the dance field and will need to provide a bio and a headshot. In addition to that you will need to have good communication with the Director, the Dancers, and all Technical Service Men & Women. 

What other types of artists are you looking for? 

ALL KINDS! Musicians are regular collaborators with dancers and choreographers and we all know why. We are looking for musicians to set scores for work and accompany classes. 

Visual artists like painters, sculptors, sketchers, etc. Are also wonderful collaborators in creating more site specific dance work or even collaborating on a stage. 

Vocal artists are a wonderful edition to many dance works and poets, lyricists, and speakers are encouraged to participate in providing a very literal voice to the arts community. 

Artists, please contact us here